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Mosaic Series– A sticky situation April 29, 2010

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The mosaic series was intended to be a three part series, but I felt I needed to explain my use of glue instead of mastic.  I also wanted to describe some of the different adhesives you can use for mosaic tiling.  So, I guess this is part 1.5

In part one, I described the tools we would need for today.  One of the items I described was glue.  Lets talk about glue for a minute.

In mosaic tiling, glue sticks the tile to your base. For a project that gets cleaned occasionally  (even daily), white glue is fine.  the grout is going to cover up the glue.  Trust me, the grout and base will fall apart before the glue does.  White glue might not be great for a stepping stone in Seattle.  Constant moisture may be an issue.  Seasoned tilers may know this one.

A major drawback of white glue is consistancy.  Glue is pretty runny, so if you are using tiles that are not even, and you want them to be even, you may wish to find a different adhesive.  Mosaic is an art, remember, so imperfections are okay.

Different adhesives:

Mastic:  This is what you will find next to the grout in the big blue or orange stores.  It is thick and is applied similar to frosting.  For small projects, I like to apply mastic with a plastic knife. The key is not to spread the mastic too thick.  If the mastic starts to come up over your tile, that is too thick!  Mastic is more expensive than white glue, and may be more expensive than caulk.

Caulk: I come from a conservative background, and caulk is a difficult word for me to say during my tool parties. Really, its kind of embarrassing admitting it to you, but there you have it.  I even add the L, which I think makes me look even sillier.  Oh well!

So, cauLk is also an adhesive.  You can buy this stuff for like $1 a tube.  Caulk is good for quick projects. If you know what your pattern is, or don’t care, you just want to get all the tiles down quickly, then caulk will work well for you.  Caulk dries pretty quickly, so you will want to apply a small amount at a time.  I love this cauLk gun!  For a small project you can use a tube that doesn’t need an applicator, but the ones that require applicators tend to be cheaper.

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2 Responses to “Mosaic Series– A sticky situation”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    You said caulk gun!!! 🙂 ❤

  2. Kate Says:

    Cracking up, when I was a middle schooler my step dad was fixing something at my Mom’s house and sent us to the hardware store with a list. We walk in and wandered around completely bewildered until a nice teenage employee comes to the rescue, unfortunately my Mom glanced at the list and said, “Can you show me your caulk”. Of course it didn’t come out that way and I wanted to die. Thankfully years have dimmed the embarrassment but neither my Mom or I can say the word caulk without cracking up.

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