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Mosaic Tiling Part 3: “Frost” your mosaic tile! May 1, 2010

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This is part three in my mosaic tiling series.  My series starts here.  This is actually the post that inspired my mosaic series.  I just couldn’t shut up, so I split the tute into a series 🙂

Because I am super blessed in life, I was given the opportunity to show women how to mosaic tile (and get paid for it!).  My problem was that I was showing 5-20 women how to grout, and i didn’t want to get my hostess’s living area messy ( have you ever tried to get out grout?  It’s not easy!).  My solution came as I was bagging up some grout to give out that evening.  Why not contain all the mess in the ziploc baggy?


  • Ziploc bag (sandwich size is best for a coaster or two)
  • cup (to keep baggie upright) optional
  • bucket (optional) keeps mess under control
  • grout (a bag of grout is under $10 and will grout many, many coasters)
  • measuring cup (1/2 cup to 1 cup is plenty for a coaster project)
  • scissors
  • plastic knife
  • water

Open up the ziploc bag and fold the ziploc part back and under, so the zipper part in out of the way.  Otherwise, the grout will clog the zipper, preventing it from closing.

Place the folded bag in a cup, to help it stand.

To keep things tidy, put the cup in a bucket.

Preferably not a bucket on its side, but that’s ok.  Anyone know why the edit function won’t edit??

Scoop out some grout with the measuring cup, and place it gently inside the ziploc.

Gently shift the grout, so its not overflowing the sides, and then unfold the bag.

Zip the bag most of the way, and then gently squeeze out some of the air (optional, but if you are doing many bags at once, the bags will stack more easily).

After your mosaic project has dried (at least 24 hours) SLOWLY pour water in the grout baggy (if you used 1/2 c of grout, START with less than 1/4 c of water).  You can always add more water, if necessary.

WARNING:  I used terra cotta grout, which is an AWESOME, funky grout.  A really neat alternative to plain old white (and everyone knows, white does NOT photograph well).  Unfortunately, terra cotta, when wet, tends to look a little like poo.  So, these next several pictures look like I am smearing feces all over my project.  Those with weak stomachs, just think of it as, um, frosting?  Yeah, chocolate frosting :).

Close the top and knead the grout, adding water as necessary, until the mix looks like cake batter. Tiny lumps are okay.

Nope, still too dry.

Add just a little more water, so its nice and smooth, but not watery.

Cut a corner out of the bottom of the bag.

Apply the grout generously, poking into spaces where necessary.  Use the ziploc just like a frosting bag.

Use a plastic knife to smooth the grout.

With your finger, nudge the excess grout into any cracks or dips.

Let dry for about an hour.

with a damp sponge, remove grout on tile.

Let dry completely.

Remove hazing with damp sponge or wet paper towel.

Did you try this tute?  I would love to see your pictures!  Please link your pictures in the comments!

This series is sponsored by my  Tomboy Tools store.  Check it out here.


2 Responses to “Mosaic Tiling Part 3: “Frost” your mosaic tile!”

  1. J.Hill Says:

    How cool! I have never done any mosaics before, but I am intrigued!

    Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  2. Laura Says:

    Wow this actually looks pretty easy. Great tutorial. Thanks for linking up to Saturday is Crafty Day!

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