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Giveaway: Mini Mosaic Kit! May 2, 2010

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This is my favorite part of my mosaic series: I get to giveaway a Tomboy Tools Mini Mosaic Kit!  This kit includes a Mosaic Tiling bag, Nippers, and blue rubber grip gloves, all from Tomboy Tools and is valued at over $30.

You have  THREE ways to enter! Comment separately for each entry.

1. Go to my store here and find your favorite product.  Come back and post in comments!

2. Subscribe to my blog (down there on the right), and then post in comments.

3.  Add my banner to your blog page to let others know about my giveaway, then come back and add another comment

Tomboy Emily Banner

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<a href=”; border=0>
<img src=”; alt=”Tomboy Emily May” /></a>

The giveaway is open from May 1 until May 15th.  Only one person will win, so enter now!

My mosaic series starts here.

Thanks so much Ana from Knock off Wood for letting me announce my giveaway on her site!  Welcome Knock Off folks!

This series is sponsored by my Tomboy Tools store. Check it out here.


98 Responses to “Giveaway: Mini Mosaic Kit!”

  1. I went over to your store and I booked marked it cause PINK tools HOW cool. I am so excited I am going know what I am going to be getting under the tree this year (we do shopping early we have 4 kids we have to start now) I liked the impact drill but I really like this kit cause I am short and it has basic tools you can just go get the stool and it has what ever you need.

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  3. Deb Says:

    I like the paintbrushes – they look like they would be very comfortable to use.

  4. merideth Says:

    pink tools? who knew?! i love the body pocket with pink tools. i REALLY love that they roll up inside and hang from a hook. can’t stand to see stuff lying around when not in use! 🙂

  5. Abbie O'Neal Says:

    I like the idea of all the auto “upkeep” tools. While I believe everyone should swing a hammer once in their life, I think that if you are going to drive, you should know some of the basics of taking care of your car. Even if you have a wonderful man to take care of it for you, you should at least know how to do the basics incase there is no one to help you when you need it.

    • tomboyemily Says:

      Abbie, I completely agree! I live in the mountains, and if your car breaks down, it may be several hours before anyone comes along, and in many places we have no cell reception. its good to have an emergency kit, just in case.

  6. Luci Says:

    Hiya. I’m here from the Knock Off site. Nice to meetcha!

    I really like the Window Mosaic Tile Bag. I’ve got a BUNCH of tiling projects ahead of me, so it would be fab to win your kit. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Tracy r Says:

    I love the tool belt with pink tools. I bet my husband and I wouldn’t fight over tools with that!

  8. Tracy r Says:

    Oh yeah, and I subscribe to your blog through google reader, does that count?

  9. Traci Says:

    I love the Pink Tomboy Traveler

  10. Sylvia Says:

    WOW!! This is an awesome site!! I love all the pink too!
    I really like the impact drill because it looks like it would fit my tiny hands. 🙂

  11. Jenny Says:

    I especially like the pink stud finder!

  12. Winifred Says:

    I really like your pink protective eyewear! Very cool.

  13. Leslie Says:

    I would take any of those tools in a heart beat. my favorite though is the Pink Tomboy Traveler set.

  14. ShaRee Hirschi Says:

    Love the tools. I’m in dire need of a pair of Pink Bypass Pruners or the Garden Snips. My yard is growing out of control!

  15. Linda Says:

    LOVE the super stepper! Such a smart idea too! Hope I win the tiling kit, I’ve been saving all the dishes and glasses my 4 kids have broken this past year! Thanks again!!

  16. Jaclyn Says:

    I LOVE those pink jumper cables! What a great shop…I see lots of pink in my future!

  17. Allena Says:

    I went to your site and I LOVE all the pink tools. It was hard to decide but I think i like the pink level the most.
    I subscribed to your blog and blogged over at my blog about your contest

  18. Susan Says:

    A pink Impact Drill! I am so there! I love having tools made for woman-my husband has caught on and instead of asking me what I want for our Anniversary etc, simply asks what tool I need. Love it!

  19. Sara W Says:

    I am loving the pink gardening tools! So cute! Thanks for the giveaway. I’m loving this site so far!

  20. Michelle Says:

    Love your site!!!! So hard to pick something because there are lots of cool items, but I am going to pick the pink safety glasses. Gotta look cute even when when you’re working hard! 🙂

  21. Shannon Marie Says:

    I subscribe

  22. Shannon Marie Says:

    I’m loving the pink paintbrushes!

  23. Sam Says:

    Oh, for sure the 8v impact drill,, my cousin just walked off with my Dewalt, so it’s my next tool purchase. Please enter me in the giveaway for the mosaic tool kit.

  24. Susan Says:

    Wow! What a great site! I can’t decide on one item. My favorites would be the impact drill and bits, the tiling kit (I have several projects I would like to get started with) as well as the garden tools. I have already added your site to my “favorites” and told my husband to check it our for “Mother’s Day” gift ideas 🙂 Thanks so much!

  25. Susan Says:

    I have subscribed to your blog as well 🙂

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  27. Desi Says:

    I’m officially a follower 😉

  28. Desi Says:

    I’d love the beginner’s tiling bucket because I’ve always wanted to learn how to tile!

  29. Andrea Crump Says:

    How do I choose out of all of those tools. My husband has many of them, but if I had PINK tools he would be less likely to use them, then I could find them every time. I would love to get the pink tomboy traveler.

  30. Andrea Crump Says:

    I subscribed to your blog!

  31. Andrea Crump Says:

    I blogged about your giveaway!

  32. Ashley Says:

    I subscribed!

  33. Ashley Says:

    I love the picture perfect level.

  34. Mikelyn Says:

    Your site looks very interesting. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I went ahead and subscribed and would like to be entered into the drawing for the mosiac kit. I heard about you through Knock Off Wood.

  35. Jessica Says:

    So excited! I’ve always wanted to get into tiling! Subscribed to your blog, now I’m going to go read your how-tos. Thanks!

  36. I love the paintbrushes – they look as if they would comfortably fit into a ladies hand.

  37. Melissa B. Says:

    I would have to pick the Beginner’s Tiling Bucket because I keep putting off adding a back splash in my kitchen. That would get me motivated with the right tools. Love the pink!

  38. Subscribing to your blog.

  39. Melissa B. Says:

    I subscribed!

  40. stareidlamb Says:

    i loved the ergonomic paint roller! i’ve been painting a lot lately because my friends have been buying houses and everyone wants to paint! i can’t overemphasize a great paint roller! it get the job done so much quicker and easier.

  41. Andrea Says:

    Hi Em,
    Great job with the blog, keep it up! Glad the thrift store was such a hit this weekend! Thanks for having this cool drawing, I am excited!

  42. Kellie Says:

    I need to get the drywall kit! We have so many repairs around the house to do 😦

    • tomboyemily Says:

      Repairs can be no fun :(. But, having the right tools sure makes it go easier! And, what are you going to do AFTER you make repairs?? Jot your ideas down, maybe you can do a faux painting technique or some fun borders or something!

  43. Kristen Frongner Says:

    Hey I went through your store and I think that I love the Mosaic Tile kit the best but I do a lot of scroll sawing and I also liked the pink rimed safety goggles!! Im excited about this drawing!!

  44. Kristen Frongner Says:

    Hey its me again, I just subscribed to your blog, keep up the good work!!

  45. Alicia Britt Says:

    I love the auto kit! I’ve really been meaning to get one of those since I make an 800 mile trip about once a month!

  46. Alicia Britt Says:

    I’m a follower!

  47. Jackie Says:

    My fiance and I have spent the past two months painting our condo and it would’ve definitely been more fun if I had been painting with some pink paint brushes!! I would definitely get the set of 3, since I would want the angled brush for corners. So fun!

  48. jodi Says:

    Love the Pink Tomboy Traveler. No. Wait. The Pink Mini Paint Kit. No. Oh I can’t decide. I want them all!!!!

  49. mrs c Says:

    I want the mosaic tiling kit! I have this old wooden vanity that I want to paint and tile to use as a table next to my gas grill. Alos I would like your advise on what type of paint and sealer I should use on wood if I want to keep it outside….I would love to win this, I do not know a thing about tiling but your tutorial is so easy to follow< i think I can, I think I can!

  50. mrs c Says:

    i am now a follower! Thanks for the great info!

  51. Courtney B. Says:

    I am expecting a pink tomboy traveler very soon from my boyfriend! LOVE PINK and LOVE your site!

  52. Kara Weber Says:

    Honestly I use needle nose the most out of any tool but those mini hack saws are so cute!!! I don’t like using my hubby’s it is all grubby.

  53. Kellie Ann Says:

    I like the pink garden snips. They would be perfect for snipping some cilantro, rosemary, or chives for a quick addition to a salad!

  54. I love my husband’s drill, but a pink drill is even better!! Love all your pink tools (even though I’m not a girly-girl, they are so cute!)

  55. Renee Says:

    Pink Aluminum LED Flashlight!! My hubby would not steal it!!

  56. Toni Says:

    Can I get an “Amen” for the pink caulking kit!! Love it!! Definitely my fav!

  57. Jen McRae Says:

    Just found your site!! And I love it!! As a not so girl working in a mainly mans’ world – I love the tools. Feels like a fun way to get some work done!!

  58. Terri Says:

    I subscribed…love you site!

  59. Debbie Says:

    I LOVE your pink paintbrushes! They look so comfortable and easy to work with!

  60. Brook Lowther Says:

    Love, love, love the pink paintbrushes. What a great way to make edging easy…and stylish!

  61. Kimberly Says:

    My vote is for the Pink Caulking Kit. I can never find my husbands and when I do I have to clean it. I would love to have my very own and with it being pink…..he would never use it. Love it.

  62. Karen Says:

    Got here via Knock Off Wood and signed up. Woo Hoo! Another empowering blog to follow.

  63. Shawn Says:

    Really like your blog, came here from Knock Off Wood. Keep up the good work.

  64. As a gardener I just love your bypass pruners. They’re pink (hard to lose) and I could resharpen them as needed. Hmmm, maybe I need to drop some hints before Mother’s Day!

  65. And how’ve I missed your blog before? I’m hoping to get a clothesline this summer so I thought your clothespin bag was a gem. You’ve got another subscriber!

    • tomboyemily Says:

      I just started my blog right around Earth Day, so I haven’t been here long! I just made another clothespin bag. These are WAY easy to make :)!

  66. Teresa Novak Says:

    I like the pink garden tools. 🙂

  67. Marlene Says:

    Just love the tools. Thanks for allowing me to find you through Knock Off Wood. Looking forward to surfing your store site even more.

  68. Eileen Says:

    LOVE the Hammer with the magnetic head to hold the nail. Now if only there were a laser guide so I actually hit the nail instead of hitting all around it until is so scared it disappears 🙂
    Wish the pink tools would actually keep my hubby from using mine!

    • tomboyemily Says:

      Eileen, having a hammer the right weight will really help with your aim ;). When you hold the hammer the proper way (I actually have a tute coming on this very subject!!! Check in tuesday!) your aim is improved :D.

      • Christa Says:

        Eileen, My husband is a carpenter and the best advice he ever gave me was to tack the nail in place and then place the hand that isn’t holding the hammer, flat against the nailing surface around the nail. You’ll find yourself taking more careful aim and as he so kindly pointed out if you slip at least you’ll learn faster. Sounds silly but it really works.

      • tomboyemily Says:

        To give yourself more space, try tacking the nail into a piece of cardboard, and then holding the cardboard. Less painful than hammering your finger!

  69. Christine C Says:

    I love everything! But if I have to choose one thing…the hammer…no, the paintbrushes….Um, I dunno. Everything.

  70. Kathy Says:

    I’ve subscribed – sooo excited!!

  71. Melissa Says:

    Not that we don’t have tools, but my tools keep getting put into the genpop even though I have my own space for them. I really want something that says THIS IS MINE, because apparently my initial doesn’t work 🙂 Thanks!

  72. Allison Says:

    I love the square notch tiling trowel!

  73. Jennifer E. Says:

    The ergonomic paintbrushes look fantastic. 🙂

  74. Codi Dunlap Says:

    I love them all- can’t pick just one thing top of the list would be tiling tools!

  75. Crys Says:

    I love the pink drill! and know that it would be all mine! Because hubby wouldn’t use it!!

  76. Crys Says:

    I just signed up to follow your blog!! Thanks!

  77. Jill Says:

    Thanks to Ana who linked to your site. I’m now subscribed through google reader!

  78. Jill Says:

    From your store: Digging the Pink Digital Tire Gauge! I hate those regular ones because how could they possibly be accurate. Remember the days that they checked and filled your tires for you? But, no matter, it’s easy enough to do, but I want to rock the pick digital reader the next time some guy is watching me do it myself!

  79. Jessica Evans Says:

    I couldn’t just choose one. I love all of the ideas you had to impress that a woman isn’t necessarily all lace and doilies… we can be “manly”, too 😉

  80. Jennifer Says:

    I love the Tomboy Traveler kit, but I’d probably have to get it in blue, even though I LOVE the pink. I have a few scattered tools, but have already started my collection!

  81. Jennifer Says:

    I signed up to follow your blog!

  82. Kate Says:

    I really like your ergonomic paint kit. We bought our first house last August and still haven’t painted any of the rooms!

  83. deana Says:

    I am sooooo loving the body hugger with pink tools. My husband probably wouldn’t “borrow” my tools if they were pink. I do of course like the tile giveaway tools as well. A girl can never have too many tools, no matter what the boys say 🙂

  84. Zhaleh Says:

    The pink garden bucket caught my eye. I’ll have to remember to visit you when I do my holiday shopping!

  85. Katy Says:

    No question about it — I’m in love with the 8V impact drill. Have been looking for an upgrade and think I’ve found it. What a wonderful giveaway. I’ve been saving old broken ceramic pieces for years and would love to get going on making something with them.

  86. Katy Says:

    I don’t have a blog, don’t do Facebook or any other social networking, but am a subscriber via e-mail. Thanks for letting us play along!

  87. Kathryn Says:

    I like the pink paint pail.

  88. Shay Says:

    I personally like the Pink Tomboy Traveler. It would be mine. My husband wouldn’t be caught dead with the cute tote bag, and the tools of course are adorable. Plus the kit has the essential tools that I get sick of asking my husband to borrow. -Shay

  89. Kylie Says:

    I loved the auto kit and the pink drill. LOVE IT!

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