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Thriftin’ 5/3 May 7, 2010

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Have I mentioned yet how much I love spring?? I walked to the church thrift store today (my town has two– the church thrift store and the Main St. thrift store) by way of the Adventist church. In their yard I heard a humming and looked up. Their fruit tree was in full bloom and being visited by many, many bees! I just stood there for awhile, taking it all in and trying to find a hive. I didn’t spot one; I guess they were just loving the spring warmth!

Today was my lucky day, they were have their $2 a bag clothing sale! Yay!! That means I get to experiment! I grab all the clothes that look like they might fit with some tweaking. I also buy too-big clothes for my 4 yo, so he is always about a size and season ahead. This way, I am not forced to pay lots of $$ or buy not so attractive clothes. Buying ahead allows me to weed through and get a few nice pieces at a time.

Here’s my haul:

4 “white” placemats.  I had to correct the worker there.  They weren’t yellowed, they were “vintage white.”  Turns out they were “tobacco stained” white.  Ewww.

I cannot WAIT till y’all see what  I did with this dress!!!

This one is my fave! Not a great pic, but I tried it on, and I totally caught the “Uhura” vibe from Star Trek.. maybe I can add a felt butterfly or two, to draw attention from the V? What do you think?

I am already knee deep into projects from this trip, so be prepared!  I will have pics soon!

Maybe I can have a little contest. Really, tell me in the comments what you think each piece will “become.” If you guess right, or if I like your idea better, maybe I can make up an “I inspire!” button or something.


3 Responses to “Thriftin’ 5/3”

  1. mom Says:

    Do you remember when we had a hive of bees at our house? It was on our roses, and we had to call a beekeeper to come get it. Luckily in those days they didn’t charge you.

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