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Tool-torial Tuesday: Let me level with you… May 11, 2010

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I have a sick kid in the house, which means he stayed home from school today, which means I had NO alone time.  He was feeling puny, so he got lots more internet time than Mama today. So, the involved tool-torial will have to wait till next week. I have a whole lot to say about safety.  But not yet!   This week is:

The Mighty Level!

Be honest, how many of you have a level in your home?  Really?  Does it work?  Do you USE it?  How do you know it is accurate?

The above level is a Tomboy Tools Magnetic Torpedo Level.   It is what I use, and you can get one here.  Obviously, you can use other levels.  This is a basic one, but I know how this one works (just like some of you know exactly how your Singer sewing machine works, but could handle the basic features in just about any other sewing machine).

Some uses for the level:

Hang up pictures, shelving– For existing pictures or shelving, you can place the level on top, to make sure it is level.  Before installing a series of frames or shelving, you can place the level against the wall and draw a light line from point to point.  An easier way would be to get a Picture Perfect Level, which has a ruler built in and handy little points you can press into the wall.  Get one here.

Have appliances?  Like buying new ones every couple of years?  Me neither.  To extend the life of your appliances, attach the level to your fridge/stove/washer/dryer/etc.,using the magnet on the level to check for “plumb” (that’s level going up and down.  I learned that at my son’s preschool.  Seriously.  I think the kids figured it out quicker than I did).  If the level isn’t (level, get it? Level?? Be patient with me, I have a sick 4 year old and its raining/snowing/raining AGAIN.  In May!) squat down and adjust the feet.  Your appliances should all have adjustable feet because even Maytag knows my floors are wonky.

Thank me now.  Because I just saved you over $300 in new appliances. Which is a good thing.

Unless your appliance repairman is cuter than mine.

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One Response to “Tool-torial Tuesday: Let me level with you…”

  1. J.Hill Says:

    The level is one tool I actually DO know how to use properly, mostly because I get all antsy if my pictures are hanging crookedly.

    Hope your little one feels better soon!

    Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

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