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Crafty Bloggy roll call! May 13, 2010

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Every one in a while I will feature some blogs on a theme. This week it’s crafty blogs. Please add one of your faves in the comments!

I love reading crafty blogs! Especially when my fingers are itching to craft, but my brain is empty. Here are some of my regular faves:
Dollar Store Crafts
Made by Rae
Mad In Crafts
House of Hepworths
New Dress A Day

And my new fave: Twelve Crafts Till Christmas. Her goal is to make a gift a month for Christmas. I love this idea! I think that putting a goal up on a blog helps make you accountable. Love it!

Now, what are your “go to” crafty blogs? I would love to find some new crafty inspiration!

If you link up your own blog, please make sure it’s relevant to today’s topic!  Thanks!


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