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Troubled heart to love at second sight! May 13, 2010

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I found this cute heart basket at the Thrift Store. The handles had been broken off and someone had displayed  it on a wall . I thought it would look super cute as a wreath, hanging by a lovely ribbon. For 25c it was mine.

I don’t have a before pic because I KNEW what I wanted to do. I spray painted it black and then lightly painted it bronze. The bronze kinda was heavier than expected. Then I started hot gluing moss to the inside.  Unfortunately, the glue slid from the inside to the outside, and kind of looked lame.

So, I switched tactics.  I just mossed the outside instead.  I think it came out pretty cute.

This thing is pretty big.  I am in the process of redecorating my front room.  When I am finished, I will show you what I did with it.

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5 Responses to “Troubled heart to love at second sight!”

  1. ann Says:

    Oh, good save! So, what did you do with it?

  2. debbie Says:

    Oh it is adorable! Don’t you crack up at sometimes a very small project turns big…because we mess it up the first time around and have to redo it….can’t wait to see the rest of the room. And thank you so much for linking up to my party. You will meet some really nice new blogging friends this way too…I have the best gals around. Please be sure to visit a few and they will come back to you:) Have a great day.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    Great idea! I love reading how imaginative other people are!.

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