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Yard Sale Followup May 15, 2010

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Wow! I didn’t expect anyone to comment, but it seems like you all have some awesome yard sale tales! The grossest comment I think, was Sam’s about the skid mark undies!!! Ewwwww. I jsut cannot get over that one.

Ann– canvas for 10c??? That is an AWESOME find!

Teresa– Hubby’s gramma lives on the corner of a VERY busy street. The most we ever made was $400, with no advertising, and basically just junk. It was sweet.

My results from today: The weather was gorgeous!! Couldn’t ask for better weather, really. It was warm, but cool in the shade, with a light breeze. People came from over 2 hours away just to hit the yard sales!

I was selling some big items and sold all but one of them! Very nice, because that meant I didn’t have to haul those to the Thrift Store.

I made $100! And when I donated stuff to the thrift store, I got a receipt for $100 as well! Nice!


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