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Hiking: Training Day One May 18, 2010

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Not sure how often I will update this, but I want to get my thoughts down in one spot.

I was supposed to start hiking last week. I got that good first hike down, and then my son got sick(er), which wasted that whole week. And of course, I procrastinated.

Last night I posted a “I’m new here, HALP!” post on a PCT mail list, and got motivated to start walking. this evening I threw on my light hiking shoes (really cool land’s end shoes that have mesh instead of fabric or leather) and took off. I made myself stay out for an hour. I probably walked about two miles. Truthfully, I am not quite sure how I will get in the 5-10 miles a day that I want to work up to. I mean, if I expect to cover 10 miles in a day, it should take me 3 hours to walk5 miles. Who has that much time? Oh well, start slow, and the rest will follow ;).

On my hike, I got to see spring in action! I climbed this steep hill (the first seven miles of the PCT in my area are straight uphill. Yay.) and saw gorgeous flowers of every shape and color. Some looked like snapdragons (but on a bush) and others looked like Irises or orchids. I need to bring my camera tomorrow and hike that hill again! When I do, I will post pics!


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