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Everything’s coming up roses! May 21, 2010

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Remember this?

I cut up the coat and lining, ending up with yards of material!  Yay!

The shiny lining was just calling to be to be made into roses!  I cannot remember where I found this tutorial, but here is an awesome one using three different kinds of material.  I will just be using polyester lining.

Find a shirt or fabric.  It needs to be synthetic!  Shiny cheap clothes tend to be fake.  Check the thrift store discard bin for these.  It makes no difference if the shirt is torn, stained, or smells funny (well, that one might be an issue if its  really offensive odor you can’t get out!).

Now you need to check it for burnability.  Cut a piece out that you can hold safely.  Hold the edge over a flame.  Blow it out if it catches fire (or place it in water).  You want the fabric to melt, not catch fire.  If it gets nice and crinkly, with a lovely melted edge, you are in business.

Now we will make roses.  Cut roundish shapes out of your material.  These do NOT need to be circles!  I like to fold up my material and cut lots of round shapes at a time.  You will want various sizes, from small to large.  I used mainly small and medium petals for my flower.

Starting with small petals, put a dab of glue at the bottom of each petal, and overlap, adding petals as you go.  I used  three petals for the center.   I like to hold the rose in the middle while I add bigger petals.

Sorry the pictures are so blurry.  My macro wasn’t working for some reason.

Once the rose is the size you want, take a smaller leftover petal and fold it in thirds or quarters, with the burned parts facing out.  Glue to the center.  You may need to glue again to keep the petal together.

You can glue this rose to projects, make it a pin or a necklace!  This won’t wash well because of the hot glue.

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One Response to “Everything’s coming up roses!”

  1. Laura Says:

    Wow what a great idea! At first I was nervous that you cut up the jacket, but I love what you made with it!!

    Thanks for linking up to Saturday is Crafty Day at along for the ride!

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