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Tool-torial Tuesday: Safety First! May 25, 2010

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Through May 16, I am having a giveaway here. A comment I am getting alot is how great safety glasses are. So, I thought I would talk about that.

In whatever you are doing, it is always important to think of safety first. Its hard to appreciate that brand new tiling kit, if you have shards of tile in your hands because you didn’t wear gloves. Woodworkers must watch for shards of wood, so safety glasses are a must, even if you don’t consider yourself a handyman/person.

Some safety gear, and how to use them:

Safety glasses: EVERYONE needs to wear safety glasses when cutting/chopping, etc. Safety glasses are fantastic for cutting jalapenos, so you don’t touch your eyes while chopping. I mentioned earlier wearing glasses while tiling.  Whenever things may go airborne, its always a good “eye” dea to protect those peepers!
Special note to you eyeglass wearers (like me). You MUST wear safety glasses, just like everyone else! Take care to find ones that will fit OVER your glasses (because its great to be protected AND see at the same time!). These gorgeous pink safety glasses fit over most eyeglasses, and the temple is adjustable.

knee pads:
ear plugs:
head protection: Casual crafters may not need a hard hat, but you must think about head and hair protection. Long hair should be pulled back out of the face. You should be concentration fully on your project, not on your hair flying in your face. Long hair can be caught on some tools.


Tool-torial Tuesdays: Hammer Time! May 4, 2010

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Every Tuesday I am going to feature a tool. We will start out with the basics (hammer, pliers, screwdriver), and then go on to power tools. My goal for these tutes is to give you just a little more knowledge about tools, to make them less intimidating. Even you seasoned pros might learn something new! Or, more likely, you might have some knowledge to share.

Is there a tool out there you want to learn more about? Something that you just don’t get? Please leave comments below!

We are starting out with the most basic tool out there, besides nails.  Today, we are gonna tackle the hammer!

The hammer seems like a straightforward tool, but I bet most of us use it wrong!  First of all, do you know what size your hammer is?  What kind is it?

If you are like me, you just reach into the tool box for the first poundy-type thing (I am NOT just talking to the ladies here!).  I have used the butt end of a screwdriver (to nail the back of a bookcase kit), bricks, rocks, anything I could find.  NOT the most efficient use of my time, NOT ergonomic, and NOT pink!

Let me introduce you to one of my three hammers:

This is my 8 oz finishing hammer.  Great for hanging up pictures.  8 oz is a bit light for most folks (13 oz is a standard all purpose size), but for those with small builds or with weak hands/arms, this is a great tool.

Isn’t she lovely?

Go ahead, shake hands.

You want to hold a hammer down at the base.  The hammer works by being heavy at the head.  When you lift up, and then swing back down, the weight of the hammer lets you pound in the nail. You can see that this hammer is a wee bit small for my (size medium) hands. My 4-year-old LOVES it though! Just right for his hands.

So, when you choke up on the handle (because the hammer is too heavy), you are creating more work for yourself and minimizing the effectiveness of the hammer.

Ms. Hammer does NOT like to be strangled!

Some features of the hammer: This is a claw hammer.  It has a “claw” on the back of the hammer’s head handy for removing nails.

This hammer also happens to have a magnetic nail set.  You pop the nail in toward the back of the groove, and the hammer holds it while you start to pound the nail into the wood.  No need to bust your fingers!