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Hiking: Training Day One May 18, 2010

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Not sure how often I will update this, but I want to get my thoughts down in one spot.

I was supposed to start hiking last week. I got that good first hike down, and then my son got sick(er), which wasted that whole week. And of course, I procrastinated.

Last night I posted a “I’m new here, HALP!” post on a PCT mail list, and got motivated to start walking. this evening I threw on my light hiking shoes (really cool land’s end shoes that have mesh instead of fabric or leather) and took off. I made myself stay out for an hour. I probably walked about two miles. Truthfully, I am not quite sure how I will get in the 5-10 miles a day that I want to work up to. I mean, if I expect to cover 10 miles in a day, it should take me 3 hours to walk5 miles. Who has that much time? Oh well, start slow, and the rest will follow ;).

On my hike, I got to see spring in action! I climbed this steep hill (the first seven miles of the PCT in my area are straight uphill. Yay.) and saw gorgeous flowers of every shape and color. Some looked like snapdragons (but on a bush) and others looked like Irises or orchids. I need to bring my camera tomorrow and hike that hill again! When I do, I will post pics!


Worn Out Coat to Fabulous Felt!

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saturday was yard sale day in my neck of the woods.  That meant that EVERYBODY had a yard sale, including my church.  I was railroaded volunteered (;)) to put away the mountain of laundry that is ALWAYS leftover after a yard sale, no matter how many clothes you actually sell.  I took the opportunity to scout out pretty buttons, clothes for the fam, and possible items for future projects.  I found a cute little girl’s dress that I am excited to turn into a clothespin holder (if I do, would anyone want to buy it?  I may start an Etsy shop).

My husband found this gem:

My camera’s batteries were dying, so its the only pic I got of it.  It was kind of cute, but was way faded on the side.  It was 100% acrylic (and way too small for me), so dying was out of the question.  Instead, I cut it up for felt!  The lining was fabulously silky red, so I saved that as well.  I can’t wait to show you what I did with the lining!   But, that’s a post for a different day.


Take a minute Monday May 17, 2010

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In your rush to get to school/work today, bring along your camera. Set a timer to go off every 30 minutes. Take one picture of what is directly in front of you at that time. I will do this myself. I want this to be a weekly feature.

Happy clicking!


And the winner is…. May 16, 2010

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Thanks all for entering to win a free mini mosaic tiling kit from Tomboy Tools! picked:

Shannon Marie Says:

I’m loving the pink paintbrushes!

Congratulations Shannon!  Please contact me so I know where to send your prize!

If Shannon doesn’t respond within a week, I will pick a new winner.

I would love to have more of these giveaways in the near future.  Please click the Tomboy Tools button on the right side to visit my shop.  The more items I sell, the more giveaways I can have!


Inspired by my favorite places: Cambria

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Sunday! I love Sunday. It feels like a brand new, fresh start, every week. I start the week today, go to church, pray, try to remember the good in life.

Today I am thinking about one of my favorite places. I would love if you could share with me.

This is a place I visit frequently:
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Cambria, CA A gorgeous seaside town on the  Central California coast.  Before we moved to the mountains, my husband and I would travel here at least 2-3 times yearly.  I loved walking the coastline and exploring the tidal pools.  My favorite animals, elephant seals, have their pups at Piedras Blancas, just north of Cambria.

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The town of Cambria reminds me of an English village (no, I have never actually been to England, but I have seen pictures and read books!).  The town itself is divided into two parts, the east village, and the west village.  The west village is nearer the beach, and I think its more casual, and aimed more at the day tripper or camper.  It was actually a couple visits before we even ventured into the east village.  The east village has more “high end” restaurants, and caters to the resort guests.

Our favorite place to stay is in the east village. Bridge Street Inn is nestled in between a country church and a tea room.  the inn is a friendly hostel/B&B with incredibly reasonable rates.  In fact, I think they have lowered their rates since the last time we visited.

We love Bridge Street Inn because the people there (the owners as well as fellow guests) expect to talk with other guests.  The owners are interested in who we are, and can give advice on fun and cheap things to do in town.  If you are lucky, you can even have the opportunity to eat in the common room with the owners and other guests over a pot of freshly picked mushroom soup!

You may have heard of Hearst Castle.  I have actually only been there twice.  It’s a beautiful place, and worth a trip, but it isn’t a place I go frequently.  I love to imagine myself as a guest to Mr Hearst, but I guess it makes me sad to see such a gorgeous place unused.  And of course, I know that the only reason I even get the opportunity to SEE the castle is because it has been given to the state.   A lesser known place is actually more fun, to me, than Hearst Castle, and you don’t even need to leave town!  You do, however, need to hike a VERY steep hill.

Nitt Witt Ridge was home to “Der Tinkerpaw,”  an eccentric man who supposedly “borrowed” “leftover” material from Hearst Castle (which he worked on) to build his home.  He also used pipes for rails, beer cans for raised garden beds and retaining walls, and toilet seat lids for picture frames.  Talk about crafty recycling gone wild!  The current owners of Nitt Witt Ridge are fun people who will give you an informative, quirky tour of this home.  Last I heard, they could not accept money or donations for the tour, so if you visit, please visit their gift shop and buy stuff, so they can keep giving the tours.

I am a person motivated and enthralled by nature.  When the weather is good (which is most of the time) or when we are extra broke (also, most of the time) we camp at San Simeon State Park.  For a fee much smaller than the cheapest area hotel, we can sleep right next to the beach.  In the campground’s day use area there are several nature paths that take you through so many different climates in just a mile or so.  One of the paths near to the ocean starts at a seasonal marshland.  Across a bridge you ascend quickly up a hill into forest. If you take the trail the whole way, you eventually spit out into an arid grassland.  The temperature even heats up.  Just minutes from the Pacific ocean is an area that can be so warm in the summer you need to shed your sweatshirt, and yet, if you walk back to the beach, you will be needing that sweatshirt quickly!

These are just a few reasons why I love Cambria so much, and miss it now that I live in the mountains.

What is your favorite spot?  Link in the comments.  I hope I have inspired you to even blog about your fave destination.  If I have, please include the link in your comment.

Happy Sunday!

link party!


Yard Sale Followup May 15, 2010

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Wow! I didn’t expect anyone to comment, but it seems like you all have some awesome yard sale tales! The grossest comment I think, was Sam’s about the skid mark undies!!! Ewwwww. I jsut cannot get over that one.

Ann– canvas for 10c??? That is an AWESOME find!

Teresa– Hubby’s gramma lives on the corner of a VERY busy street. The most we ever made was $400, with no advertising, and basically just junk. It was sweet.

My results from today: The weather was gorgeous!! Couldn’t ask for better weather, really. It was warm, but cool in the shade, with a light breeze. People came from over 2 hours away just to hit the yard sales!

I was selling some big items and sold all but one of them! Very nice, because that meant I didn’t have to haul those to the Thrift Store.

I made $100! And when I donated stuff to the thrift store, I got a receipt for $100 as well! Nice!


Last day to enter givaway!

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This is the last day to enter to win a FREE mosaic tiling kit!
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