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Thrifting: Dumpster finds to Rockin’ Ensemble! May 28, 2010

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This winter just will NOT end! I had to change my clothing plans last minute because it looks like my spring time skirt and peasant blouse is going to be too light for the women’s meeting today.

I had gone dumpster diving the other day, and in addition to some BRAND NEW Merrill hiking boots (seriously, they were a bit scuffed on the toe, but the treads weren’t even discolored) I found a really cute size small corderoy jacket, and a size small skirt in a color blend that would go great with my skin.

Corduroy jacket

First the skirt. Just a simple polyester skirt. The awesome thing about most skirts is that they tend to have an A frame, so even if they are too small at the waist, they will fit my body at some point. I pulled this one over my chest and decided that it would make a perfect top! I cut off the top couple inches, because it hada zipper and button I couldn’t close. I then hemmed the new top, and cut strips for straps. Awesome tunic top! I can wear this by itself in the summer, with a belt just above my waist.

Since it isn’t summer yet, I opted for cover. I took the corderoy jacket, and a slit in the body of the jacket under the armpit. I then found the center of the sleeve (it did NOT line up with the seam of the arm! Grrr, but good to note BEFORE cutting) and cut the sleeve to join with the body. I did this on the other side as well.

I decided to leave the front panel open for my arms, so I just finished those sides. I didn’t do a fabulous job, and I may cover with a ribbon later.

I sewed the back of the sleeve to the back of the jacket. I did this with both sleeves, resulting in three panels. I did have to shorten the sleeves, and I folded and bartacked the sleeves with their new length.

Here they are together:

I mentioned Marisa from New Dress A Day before. Her innovative look at seemingly hopeless garments has really inspired me to take a new look at clothes. I have stopped bypassing clothes just because they aren’t my size. Instead I look them over to see if I can’t make it fit, or give it another use.